The concept is Egyptian-based packaging designs in three male fragrances that are popular scents in Egypt, coming in three different colors called Medesian, Susinum, and Cyprinum. The goal of this project was to bring the packages to life from creativity from Adobe Illustrator to actual packages in the real world. 

Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Design Process
I sketched out eight different concepts of how I wanted my package to be shaped and added creativity to each. Since Egyptian culture was the project’s main focus, I decided to make the boxes pyramid-shaped since pyramids are well-known in Egypt. One of the concepts I was leaning towards was Idea #7, which has Egyptian on the package, along with Egyptian hieroglyphs background and textures on the top and bottom. 
After sketching out different concepts on the grid papers, I transferred my favorite one to Adobe Illustrator, where I did my creativity. To make the images more Egyptian-like, I selected an Egyptian Font from for the name of the brand, added rocky texture to the background, and added a silhouette Egyptian holding the body spray on each side. Each of the terms of the male fragrances comes in three different colors. 

Final Package

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