Little Red in the Hood is a self-promotional storybook. I remade the original Little Red Riding Hood storybook into the adult version and took place in a city, Philadelphia. My primary target audience is anyone eighteen or older since some of the scenes in the book appends violence and profanity. The goal of this project was to put them through still animation, create a PDF file of them and bring the storybook to real life.

Softwares: Procreate, Adobe InDesign, and After Effects
Design Process
I started sketching out ideas on my storyboard, outlined them, and then illustrated them over top of the sketches on the software on the tablet, called Procreate. 

These are my two screenshots of my workspace from Adobe InDesign (first image) and Adobe After Effects (second image). 
Here's the PDF version of the completed pages of Little Red in the Hood organized through Adobe InDesign, starting from front cover to back cover. 

Final Story Book

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