The Future We Choose is a motion design project with a speaker named Christiana Figueres, who spoke about the world's climate changes and future power. My concept I used was to have visuals shown in the background while the speaker speaks behind the podium. 

Softwares: Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator
Design Process
I created my storyboard in my sketchbook and brainstormed some ideas on how the story will go during the animation process. 

I did a YouTube video talking about Christiana Figueres' brief and brainstorming ideas while finding inspiration on different websites.
I started hand drawing my version of the speaker; first, Christiana Figueres, along with the podium, then transferred the whole sketches to Adobe Illustrator to trace and color over. 

More illustrations from Adobe Illustrator were also transferred to Adobe Animate. The green on each icon stands for climate change and Earth.  
After working on the illustration in Adobe Illustrator, I transferred the whole file to Adobe Animate and continued my workspace.

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